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Personal development through positive changes from within

The goal of   5 Step Therapy is personal  self -employment , new knowledge , changes and insights, by thinking, feeling and acting out, immediately on a positive and solution oriented way. 

My therapy will take approximately 5 sessions of 60 minutes. But according to your needs and situation we can adjust however, it suits you. Whenever you defined your goals and wishes for your future life, we will work our way through, your process in an respectable, compassionate and warm way and attitude. I will guide you during your own process.

  • By giving attention to your unique background and situation, you will learn how to recognize what your coping is, with difficulties and painful feelings through life. You will understand how unresolved trauma has brought you in currant struggles and situations, continuing to cause a lot of suffering for you. I will help you to heal your inner wounds and trauma's, I will help you to be kind and patient to your own feelings and emotions, and how to become a healthier, happier and more positive person.

  •  I will help you to find your own answers and solutions. I will help you to trust on them. I will help you to bend your goals into workable and achievable actions and strategies, matching your personality and situation. Either its a depression, relation or love addiction, coping problems in your relation, fear to commit or to be abandoned, burn out, anxiety, or relation problems, sexual orientation problems. 

  • I offer this psychological -therapy in Amsterdam, so that you can stop from self destructing behavior, and changing an unhealthy lifestyle, into healthy, happy an free feelings of joy, true self believe, self support and connection to your inner self and important others. 

  • We will pay attention to your inner believes , we will map your needs and think of  strategies how to achieve improvements.  5 Step Therapy has her own approach, I lived through almost all the topics and methods  I am working with, from within and through studies.  I am here to support you and not to judge you.

  • My method is solution -oriented. An eclectic mix of techniques from quantum healing, EMDRmeditation, positive psychology, cognitive-behavior therapy, RET-Therapy, ACT and EFT-methods. I like to add any form of therapy and method, that will suit your needs. I provide you with easy tools, and knowledge that will match with your needs and situation. I will be there to coach you and help you to start believe in yourself again.

  • Focus and the goals for my services and help will be to make you feel better and to find your own solutions. How to get there is more important than focussing on the problems it self.  

  • My help for couples, suffering from  relation problems and difficulties, we will put focus on honest, friendly communication aiming for applicable and easy to access solutions and rebuilding safety and connection from within to eachother.

I am as well doing this on an individual basis and/ or as well in meetings for couples counseling.  

Io sono disponibile come terapeuta e come coach, in lingua Italiana.
I am available for the therapy and the coaching aswell as in English, Dutch and Italian.

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