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Personal development through positive changes

The goal of 5 Step Therapy is personal self-development.

You gain new knowledge and insights by initiating immediate positive changes.

On average, a course lasts 5 sessions of 60 minutes. But depending on your needs, that can of course also be more or less sessions. As soon as the starting point and the end goal have been determined, we look at what you want to achieve within this time. From a compassionate, warm and committed attitude, I guide your "own process".

  • By paying attention to your own unique background and situation, you can learn to recognize and break through patterns. You can learn to recognize your strengths and convert them into positive, restorative and happier behavior and thoughts. The focus is on the support to find your or your own answers. You find solutions, in the form ofactionsandstrategies, which belong to your own and unique personal situation. Whether it's aboutfear of commitment,depression,burnout recovery,fearandpanic symptoms,symptoms of overstrainbeing, or relationship counseling.

  • through thispsychotherapyinAmsterdam South, are you learningdestructive behavior patternsandunhealthy living habits to convert into helping andrestorativepatterns.

  • We pay attention to conscious and unconscious beliefs, map your needs and devise a strategy to achieve improvement. 5 Step Therapyhas its own approach, in which all methodologies, skills and knowledge can be used that are or may be applicable to you. 

  • The approach is solution-orientedt, with techniques from thepositive psychology. I provide useful tools that suit your needs, supplemented with appropriate explanations in the form of psycho-education. We deploy these forces, together withpersonal attentionandencouragement

  • Thefocusis located at thesolutionsandfeel better,  how to get there and not to the trouble.

  • In couples with relationship problems, the focus is on applicable solutions and the  restoring connection and trust.

  • EMDR Eye movement Desensitization Reprocessingtreatment method, in mild to moderate

  • psyche-traumatic complaints, Phobia, anxiety and panic complaints and limiting beliefs.

  • Systemic coaching/family constellations/table constellations

I do this both on an individual basis and in the form of relationship counseling.

Io sono disponibile come terapeuta e come coach, in lingua Italiana.
I am available for the therapy and the coaching as well as in English, Dutch and Italian.

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