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5 Step Therapy - Psychotherapy Amsterdam eo


  ☑️Evenings or Saturday morning  

 ☑️Also therapy in Dutch &      Italiano

   ☑️No medical referral needed 

☑️Registered therapist

Do you encounter the following difficulties in life? :

  • Did somethingbath(or traumatic) happening to you  ?

  • Do you suffer fromanxiety?Performance anxiety?Fear of Commitment? Do you have anyattachment coping struggles

  • Do you encounterproblemsin yourrelationship? Would you like to improve therelationyouhave with yourselfand yourpartner

  • Did yousuffer a serious lossor abig change in your life? 

  • do yourinsecurities limityou toevolvein yourdaily life and dreams? Would you like to work onself realization?

  • do youfeel burned-out or bored-out, suffer from huge energy loss, feeling tired  and you don't know where to start, to get better?

  • do youfeel constantly stressed and tensed?  Would youlike to improve your mindful and compassionate feeling and behavior?

  • Do you think you are thevictim of narcissistic abuse ,co-dependency,psychological abuseand/or  physical abuse ?

  • do you haveany obsession or compulsive thoughts , holding you back from living the life, happily and in peace? 

I have a very short waiting list, it will be possible to set an appointment on very short terms. 

Please contact :

5 Step Therapy

Rijnstraat 170

1079 HS Amsterdam

Phone: 06-41451580

Relationship problems
Family problems
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narcissistic abuse
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