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Niki Schalken - Psychosocial Therapist/Counselor



I am a registered psychosocial therapist counselor and coach.

I am very passionate about my work, psychology and human behaviour,  I have a strong drive to help people with relationship problems and inner conflicts.

Besides my work and life experience, I grew up between the Netherlands and Southern Europe. In addition, I have worked in the public mental health care of Amsterdam for 14 years. And before that, another 10 years in aviation and maritime transport. In recent years I have supported clients who are dealing with from a crisis teamdomestic violencein the regionAmsterdam, North Holland and Flevoland.

 I help people feel more deeply what is really going on inside them en awarenessof it, expressing your feelings, wants and needs in a good way in language. All this helps to understand emotions   and channel the negative energy of conflict into a good story.

In addition, I help people to convert their characteristics and pitfalls into helpful and unique strengths.

To focus onautonomy, when one strays and falls back intoold pain, emotions and behavior.

I'mHBO trained as a psychosocial counselor (therapist)and took additional training courses. I'm acertified therapist register. Partly due to my own experiences in life, I can go to a problem from both the inside and the outside and the associated psychological suffering watch. In addition, I put allknowledge and skillin to tocreativeandhelping solutionsto come.


Summary resume:

  • 16 years of work experience as a psycho-social counselor in Amsterdam

  • Expertise: problems and anxiety surrounding attachment,  abandonment and connection

  • Domestic violence and systems and codependency expertise

  • Foundation 113-onlineas a crisis online suicide prevention employee

  • Mindfulness

  • EFT Training

  • Work experience with young adults

  • work experience LBGTQ+

  • Psychiatry

  • Personality Disorders

  • Addictions

  • Relationship issues

refresher courses;

HBO bachelor's degree: Psychosocial counselor/therapist:

Studies including:

social psychology

Positive Psychology

Basic medical knowledge

Pathology and Psychology

Personal psychology and conversation methodology

Clinical psychology

Practical Psychology


Additional training and education including exam & certification:

-EFT training for couples-& individuals counseling -2018

-Mindfulness & ACT 2018

additional studies personality disorders:  -Narcism -2019 -Autism-2019

-Codependency & toxic relations helping techniques by visualization – 2020

-Violence in Relations- 2020

-How to Sooth Your Emotions by Self-Compassion - 2020

-Working on behavior change -2020

-Attachment theories- 2021


- Systemic coaching -2022


Io sono disponibile come terapeuta e come coach, in lingua Italiana.
I am available for the therapy and the coaching as wellas in English, Dutch and Italian.

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